Your Essential 5: Must Have Fitness Items

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Are you starting or looking to go to the next level in your fitness journey? Here I’ll be sharing the 5 essential items you need to enhance your fitness experience.

I own each of these items, and use them all almost daily. Best part, is you can find all of these items right on Amazon.

Let’s get into the list.

1.Motivation Water Bottle

motivation water bottle

I love these motivation water bottles. First, they come in gallon size which is great if you are looking to begin drinking a gallon of water daily. Secondly, they’re easy to carry with all your things on your commute to work or keep nearby if you work from home. Lastly, the motivation and time stamps help you monitor your water intake throughout your day so that you aren’t consuming it all too early or worse too late. I mean no one wants to be woken up out of the sleep for having to potty because you drank a whole gallon of water. It’s a tough task to master, especially if you aren’t a water drinker but I know early in my journey these were extremely helpful.

Bonus tip: You can also just buy jugs from your local grocery store and use a marker to write your own phrases.

2.Flip belt

Flip belt during a run

Flip belt

The flip belt is seriously so amazing! I wear my flip belt every time I go on a run. If you are like me and don’t like to carry a bunch of things while you’re running then this is for you. Fanny packs are cool but flip belts are perfect to carry your essentials. Best thing ever for hands free running as it stretches to fit your phone. I can fit my iPhone and my Galaxy Note in the belt at the same time. It also has a hook for keys or you can slide keys inside the belt itself. Before I leave the house, I secure everything in my flip belt. It’s light weight and you can wear it wherever it feels comfortable to you.

Highly recommended.

3. Headphones

Ncredible headphones

Some of you probably have headphones, but these headphones are just amazing and won’t cost you as much as beats. The sound quality is just as good if not better if you ask me. They are Nick Cannon’s Ncredible heaphones. I have used his brand for years! Only needing to replace them once and I bought my first pair in 2016! Great price and great quality…can’t BEAT that! (See what I did there) I know everyone loves Beats but these are truly awesome too. Having my good headphones on my runs or at the gym are essential so I can go hard to my sweat playlist and cancel all of the background noise. If you need a new pair of headphones, check them out!

4. Sweat belt

Kaoir waist eraser

Ka’oir waist eraser

Sweet sweat belt

Sweet sweat

Sweat belts take your workouts to the next level, helping you sweat more and lose water weight. Some of course, even train your waist. Sweat belts and waist trainers aren’t the same thing. Both are awesome and have great benefits. As I discussed in my black fitness brands, post I am now using the Ka’oir sweat belt.  I love it! If the Ka’Oir belt is out of your budget, I used the Sweet Sweat belt for years. I loved it too and still have the pink belt on hand! If you go to my Amazon link, you can get the belt and a sample of the sweat sweat which enhances your workout and helps you sweat even more.

5. Asics

Asics are by far my favorite running shoe brand. Nike of course is the dominant brand for all things fitness, but I was put on to this brand years ago when my fitness journey had just begun and I’ve never turned back. I have a high arc in my foot, and if I don’t have good running shoes I am super sore after even a one mile run. Asics in my opinion is the closest you can get to having a shoe made custom to your foot. They are super comfortable for running, but work for any type of exercise. Additionally, they’re super affordable. I think my first pair cost a total of $35 and I still have them! I swear by Asics shoes for anyone that is serious about their fitness journey! A true must have.

And that about wraps up my favorite fitness must haves. Each of these has helped make my workouts easier, more effective or even just plain fun. Click the links in the post to check out some of these amazing must haves. Trust me you won’t regret it!


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