Why I’m Doing the Consistency Challenge

Consistency is key, and the most vital reason I’ve decided to give my best effort in Mattie James’ consistency challenge. If you want to grow or achieve success in anything, you have to be consistent. I am good at a lot of things, but consistency hasn’t been one of them. I can admit that. At the start of the year, I wrote a post about my 2020 word of the year. It’s discipline. I know you’re like but wait…discipline and consistency ain’t the same word Nay. I know, I know. But hear me out, I can’t very well improve in being consistent without discipline. In order to achieve the vision of what I want Denay Drops Jewels to be, I have to become consistent. So let me tell you 3 reasons why I am doing this challenge.

Jewels Stay Droppin’

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason to participate in this challenge, I want my blog to grow. Mattie has so graciously offered a $1,000 prize for the blogger she feels best tells a story, and masters 20 published blog posts for the month, but the money isn’t my biggest motivator. When I started Denay Drops Jewels in November 2018, my purpose was to get back to my first love; writing.  I won’t go into a long soliloquy here because I already explained how DDJ began in this post. I’ve blogged before but never as business. Learning about all that I needed to do to be a successful blogger, I got intimated. I’m just here to write for y’all that’s all (in my Ebony from Player’s Club voice).

I’m a teacher. If you ask me for tips about getting your child to love reading, fun ways to teach a phonics sound, or how I engage my students I could literally talk all day.  Teaching tiny humans is my expertise. My other passion that took precedence over writing for many years. Marketing, SEO, analytics, social media growth and all that is new to me, so I let myself get overwhelmed.  The only way I will learn the essentials of blogging as a business is to blog consistently. DDJ won’t grow without content to read.  New blog posts daily will teach me to develop a flow so that the jewels keep dropping.

Deep Dive into Discipline

disciplineIn addition to growth, the consistency challenge will help me with discipline, my word for 2020. Let’s be real 2020 started and we all had a vision and then bam global pandemic, oh and pow busting systemic racism wide open through protesting. While I worked on my blog at this time, I most assuredly did not maintain discipline. On top of matters impacting the world, I had personal matters that were extremely stressful so my attention was all over the place.

Recently, I decided to finally do a vision board for how I’d like the remainder of 2020 to go and let’s just say I’m fired up! My 2020 word discipline is on this board. I listened to a podcast about discipline and it  taught me that discipline is how you do everything, even the small stuff. Discipline is learned. You don’t just wake up disciplined, you have to teach yourself through your habits. I want my blog to grow. Deep diving into discipline, and being consistent is how I achieve this vision.

Not Alone

Another reason I am doing this challenge is because I am not alone. I tend to be a know-it-all that thinks I can do everything by myself. That’s just simply not the truth. I tried a bunch of challenges before, and the ones I did alone, I didn’t finish. In the challenge Facebook group, I saw other participants discussing their strategies and content ideas. These posts sparked ideas in me, which wouldn’t have happened if I was trying to do this alone.

Every challenge I’ve ever done with other people, I was successful. Holding yourself accountable is great, but knowing others are working towards a similar goal is greater. It provides a type of support you can’t give yourself. I wish all of the other blog bosses participating in the consistency challenge all of the luck on completing it!

Denay is dropping major jewels, and I am officially declaring myself a consistent blogger. Stay tuned.

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