Why I Chose Herbalife

I chose Herbalife. Yep….about three months ago I said yes to using the products and sharing the business with others. But why? Why Herbalife when I had tried a different line of products? Why Herbalife when I could just go vegetarian or do keto again? Why? Why? WHY?

The truth is I could share a million reasons why. Especially now that I am three months in and on a path I always foresaw for myself, but could never truly figure out how I would make it happen. But let me take it back to before I knew how choosing Herbalife would change me for the better.

Let’s take it back….wayyy back. I’m just kidding it’s not that far back only a few months ago.

Quarantine and Chill

The title is misleading because that’s what most people did, but I knew if I chilled all quarantine I would gain weight. This would have been super sad because I was already at my heaviest at the start of quarantine after taking months off from working out due to getting into a relationship and having the time of my life with bae. I knew I needed to get busy and back in the gym…well back to working out because I haven’t been in nobody’s gym this year. So I started to do Effect Fitness.

Got Paid and Got Strong

I started doing Effect Fitness live workouts from home in March. Lost a few inches and definitely got stronger but didn’t shed any weight. As someone with a long fitness journey and history, I knew why. Two reasons, the fat was turning into muscle and I also had crappy nutrition.

I Said Yes

Fitness, once I started to enjoy it and it became a regular part of my routine, is easy for me. Somehow, some way after years of fighting it I learned to love working out, but nutrition is another story. I have a tendency to binge on all my favorites like pasta, bread and ordering from my favorite restaurants on UberEats. Not too good to admit I have a bad habit of choosing convenience over nutrition or health. I was working so hard for months doing Effect fitness and only moderately eating healthy.

In late May I remembered the first time I tried Herbalife in 2013. This was way before fitness became a serious part of my lifestyle. Tried it, liked it and got results but truly at that time I wasn’t in the right mindset to maintain anything long term.

This time is different…

Because fitness and nutrition became my brand. I finally decided I needed to embrace the fact that I enjoy sharing my fitness story here on Denay Drops Jewels, and via social media. I also realized that I was going hard doing Effect Fitness and hadn’t lost any weight!

Now having been on my journey for a few years, I understand how my body changes when I consistently work out. I know that when I do intense exercise (HIIT) or lift weights I tend to get heavier but toned. While the number on the scale is not super important to me, I want to rejoin ONEderland! Also know as…being under 200 pounds.

No, the number isn’t important but, being over 200 pounds is uncomfortable for me. Honestly, after I get back to ONEderland, the number on the scale will go back to not mattering and my goals will change.

So then…

I had a thought. How can I get back to ONEderland quickly without dieting? How can I do this without having to eat things I hate? How can I lose this 15 pounds with better eating habits and still able to eat the things I like?

It clicked…Herbalife. I remembered I never gave it a real chance because at that time I wasn’t in the right mindset to maintain it regularly. So that leads me to my first why…

Herbalife distributor

Lifestyle…Not a Diet

If you read my post about my fitness journey, you’ll see that I’ve tried a number of different “diets.” Not many but I was a vegetarian for nearly a year in 2017, and I tried keto last year. Both really worked for me, but it was just too hard to maintain. I’m a picky eater and I love carbs. Being a vegetarian was easier than I thought but because I’m picky and many meat substitutions I didn’t like, I felt limited.

Done tried em all

Keto I liked but when I thought long term I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain it. I was able to lose weight quickly, which I posted but here’s the thing…I love carbs. Pasta and bread make me happy. How was I supposed to live my life without carbs? I mean they make me very happy inside. Keto was a lifestyle change too, but a lifestyle that is unrealistic for me. I simply refuse to life live never enjoying the foods I love….mainly carbs. Can you tell I love carbs? Anyway….

So I thought a lil more

To some using Herbalife shakes and products may seem like a diet but it really isn’t. I can think of at least 5 people I know that consume smoothies or juices regularly; many of these serving as a meal replacement. For busy people like myself, making a smoothie for breakfast is super quick and easy to get your healthy nutrients in to start the day. That’s all I’m really doing with Herbalife. I was sick and tired of being uncomfortable and ready to give it real effort this time around.

Herbalife shakes

Love my shakes!

The reasons I didn’t keep up with Herbalife before are two fold. First, I just wasn’t prepared for it financially at the time. Secondly, and probably more important is that my mindset wasn’t there.

Initially, I started Herbalife again to jump start my weight loss, but when I really thought about my second why it is because choosing to incorporate Herbalife back into my lifestyle is bigger than weight-loss.

It’s the Community for Me

Another major why for choosing Herbalife was the community. If you have followed my social media journey, before I said yes to Herbalife then you know I tried a different line of products. The products were o.k. but I honestly didn’t lose much weight and didn’t really get the vibe I was looking for within that community. Not throwing shade, but it just wasn’t for me.

The vibes man…the vibes

Diamond Dynasty Herbalife team

Our Team full of Diamonds in Atlanta

Immediately, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Herbalife community.When I made the decision to use these products again for my weight loss journey, I had also decided that I wanted to join the business.

I began with the Instagram community and man let me you tell the whole vibe was exactly what I was looking for all along. Positive, encouraging, and genuine boss babes killing it! Boss men too. But it was the authentic joy I saw from my coach and her team. Everyone also legit use the products daily and looked like they enjoyed it! I knew I wanted in!

I’m super big on energy and my second why was what made this decision feel right. It’s what made me feel like I was making a decision that would change my body and my mind.

Honestly, while I loved the sense of community I really never thought Herbalife would be such a huge part of my growth journey. I went in like yes, I can get this weight off and network with some awesome people. Never ever did I think Herbalife would be the reason I am more focused, disciplined, consistent and determined than ever to be the person I’ve always envisioned.


Herbalife wellness coach Denay

I’m so grateful. So grateful I said yes. In the beginning, it was all about losing weight; getting out of this uncomfortable phase. I was willing to try anything! But for me, energy is a big deal and I needed to make a choice I knew I could stick with even beyond reaching my initial goals. I thought bigger and so bigger things happened. My why became bigger and so the changes were bigger.

So grateful for my growth and for all that this opportunity has done and will do for me.



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