Sitting below the Struggle Tree: 3 Struggles I Have

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My name is Denay and I am frequently sitting at the base of the struggle tree. It was easy to share the traits I’m proud of and a lesson I learned.  Sharing my struggles…not so much.  This is one of more my more personal posts in the “Let’s Get Personal” series. Sharing things I struggle with requires a vulnerability I haven’t fully shown on this blog yet. Who wants to put all the things they don’t like about themselves on the “internets” for everyone to see? No one, but I am dedicated to being authentic. I don’t have it all together, but I am doing everything I can to get it together. This is where I am still struggling.

O.k. so I lied in the title. I don’t have three things I struggle with the most, there’s only one. Now I know you’re like um sis you know good and well you struggle with more than one thing. You’re right, I do. However, the things I struggle with all lead back to one main struggle.

The Struggle is Real

Think of it like a tree. All the things I have difficulty with are the branches that stem from the root of my struggle tree. I could tell you one struggle I have is consistency. This is in multiple areas of my life. One area I tend to be strongest in consistency with is my fitness journey as I discuss in my Fitness Fanatic series. But even with that journey, I had some spans of time that I fell off. I can even be inconsistent at work. Sometimes I want to try a million different techniques with my scholars, and don’t keep up with one long enough to truly see if it works.

I could even talk about how I sometimes can be lazy and procrastinate. Often knowing I need to submit my grades, but staying up late to do them the night before the deadline. Or planning to write my blog post at 2 p.m. but getting distracted and not starting until 7 p.m. (real life). But look….this struggle all leads to one this main struggle I have. The one I told myself at the beginning of this year, I would tackle and it would be my word of the year.

It’s discipline. My biggest struggle is discipline.

my place below the struggle tree is discipline

Like I shared when I explained why I am doing the consistency challenge, I am diving deep into becoming more disciplined. Yes, consistency is a struggle but that is because I lack the discipline to be consistent in many aspects of my life. Procrastination, well fear really is super real, but I am only afraid of how hard it is to be disciplined. Each of the branches of Denay’s struggle tree all lead to the root; a lack of discipline.

Facing It

How does one become more disciplined? I’ve been focusing a lot on learning how to do this. It is my biggest struggle. I recently started my Herbalife business and many of the amazing people on my team have shared some incredible personal development resources. One led me to find a podcast I am loving!  It’s called The Mindset Mentor. Rob Dial’s episode on discipline really helped me.  Listen to it if you get a chance. My Herbalife fam also encouraged me to make a vision board again, which I did for the first time last year and loved it! Some of the things came to fruition, but many haven’t. Why? Discipline. So this time, I made my board digitally and placed it as my phone’s screensaver. I can’t keep running from this struggle, I have to face it. I am surrounding myself with, and fully engaged in all things discipline.

Digital vision board including my word of the year discipline

My digital vision board

Because I have been focusing on this struggle a lot lately, I keep finding tools to help me with discipline.  I’ve been reading You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero for a long time but haven’t finished it.  Why? (At this point you should be answering for me.)  Anyway, if you haven’t read this book…I highly suggest it. I recently made a commitment to read 20 minutes a day, so I picked it back up. The chapters I read today talked about all of my struggles.

Admitting my lack of discipline to myself and others has encouraged me to finally truly acknowledge my seat at the bottom of the struggle tree. Lately, I have truly been taking the time learning about discipline through my personal development. What it means, how to achieve and diving deep into why it’s such a struggle for me. I’ve come across so many resources, and quotes about discipline since I included it as a part of my vision for this year.

The universe is literally screaming at me….girl climb up the struggle tree and knock that thang down!

I hear you universe, I hear you.


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