October Goals: Top 3 Goals I’ve set for this month

Blogtober is officially a thing for me. I have to admit I am really excited about this. It reinvigorated my passion for writing, sharing and smashing the sh*t out of my goals. It is actually a part of one of the most important goals I’ve set for this month. For the past several months my focus has been all over the place and many things I consider important haven’t gotten the attention it needs. I recently moved back to Atlanta, returned to my former teaching position and have been busy setting up a brand new larger apartment. It’s not necessarily being busy per se…but just tiiied y’all. The first two months of school are exhausting for teachers no matter how long you’ve been doing it. Now with October starting this week we are full swing into all the things and I can spend time reviving my baby…..this lovely little blog.

Get ready…and set em #goals

But first…here’s the thing about goal setting. It all sounds real good when you say it. I truly believe when you speak things you can manifest it but nothing holds more power to me than writing it down. To take it a step further find someone that will hold you accountable. I love sharing my goals on social media. I have so many internet friends that motivate me because I motivate them. Furthermore, many times when we set goals they aren’t specific enough, attainable in the time frame given or most importantly aren’t easily tracked. Look I ain’t gon bore y’all with a lesson on SMART goals. But there’s truth to using this system when developing and working to achieve your goals. So let’s get into MY 3 goals …

Goal 1: Complete Blogtober

I am most excited about this goal, mostly because it’s the one getting me back to blogging again. As soon as I decided to jump in and do Blogtober I sat down, wrote my first post quickly and then busted out my editorial calendar. Real talk….that’s leaps and bounds already. I am excited to load Denay Drops Jewels with some bomb content. Even if some days I have to post twice on October 31st…this blog will have 31 new pieces of content. Bet that!

Blogtober Goals Plan

-Set up an editorial calendar of all posts
-Engage with other bloggers also doing Blogtober for accountability
-Write in my office so I am not distracted

Goal 2: Make 800-1,000 extra income

For those that follow me on insta you may already know that one of my side hustles is teaching English online for VIPKID. I started a little over a year ago and listen… I truly love it! I make my own schedule, make decent coins and work from home and most importantly it’s fun! More on this coming to the blog soon.

VIPKID Income Goal Plan

-reach out to students I’ve taught
-decorate my classroom for fall, add it to my profile
-redo my profile video
-take 1 workshop

Goal 3: 30 Days Keto NO CHEATS

This goal is probably going to be the most difficult of all three. I lost quite a bit of weight earlier in the year on keto. Then messed around got a bae and got all happy and whatnot…so of course weight. I like keto because it’s not as restrictive as other lifestyles and you can eat real food. I am in a few keto groups and just got motivated by some of the members’ progress in 30 days. I did keto here and there but not a consistent 30 days. So on October 21st I am starting. Now y’all probably like wait a minute sis….the month will be half over. Well listen….I am slowly transitioning back into keto. In addition,  my fall break is next weekend and going I’m to bae’s HBCU homecoming after that so I’m trying to live my best carefree, eat and drink whatever tf I want weekends, and then it’s on. So October 21st to November 21st….no cheats. Here’s the plan

October Keto Plan

-buy all the keto things the week before
-keep meals simple
-meal prep and alternate days when I eat meals so I don’t get bored
-document meals on my IG story for accountability
-use a calendar to track my days without cheating
-pay myself $1 for every day complete with no cheats
-hide all the non keto things

Those are the big goals for this month but here are some small honorable mentions

  • some form of cardio weekly
  • create a product for my online teacher store
  • increase engagement on this blog and my social media accounts
  • pay off the furniture in my apartment

Elevate is still my 2019 word.  My biggest hurdle will be execution and follow through. I feel like going for, achieving and smashing these 3 goals is epitome of elevation. Watch me work.

To be continued Jewels….


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    10/08/2019 / 1:01 am

    you got this! wishing you the best of luck with your goals 🙂

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