My Fitness Routine: Drink Up and Get Paid

Over the years, I’ve adopted many fitness routines. Like I shared in my fitness journey post,  I’ve tried some of everything! Different weight loss challenges, products, diets, and lifestyles. Once upon a time I  had a trainer, was a faithful Planet Fitness member, and even tried being vegan. Done tried it all, some more successful than others but I have finally found a routine I’m obsessed with doing daily. Because school is out, and the return details are uncertain I’ve been able to adapt a pretty flexible schedule. Of course it will have to be modified once school resumes and I’m back teaching tiny humans in person. For now though, here’s a look at my fitness routine.

Drink Up

First up, herbal tea from Herbalife.

Peach Tea

Now look here, I am not a tea person. Ask me and I’ll say I don’t like sweet tea, unsweet tea, iced tea, hot tea, yo mama’s special tea…I don’t care, I don’t like it. However, Herbalife’s tea is seriously amazing when it comes to increasing my energy and metabolism! Typically, I drink my tea before I teach my ESL classes in the morning for either VIPKID or QKIDS. Sometimes it’s afterwards but I always have my tea first, and then I’ll have my one cup of coffee. Either way, it helps propel me through my day.

Shortly after tea, I start on my water. Right now, I’m drinking my water out of the huge QT cups. Don’t judge me, I know it’s 32 oz. and if I drink 4  thats 128 oz. It’s easier than drinking fifty million bottles of water. I have some other tricks for how I master water intake coming up soon.

My Herbalife products

I’m not a breakfast person. I have to really be in the mood or have a taste for breakfast food. Usually, I don’t eat until around 11 or 12. Since I am currently doing a 21 day shake challenge and replacing two meals with Herbalife shakes, I’ll have my first shake a bit earlier to fuel myself up for my workout at 12. When noon hits, it’s time to get paid!

Get Paid

After Getting Paid #effectfitness

At the beginning of quarantine I made a decision to get back to working out again. As I shared in the fitness journey post, I had fallen all the way off. I knew quarantine would mean idle time and the perfect reason to commit back to fit life. Through a close friend and some other local fitness fanatics I learned that the dynamic Effect Fitness coaches were live streaming their workouts for the free. Free is my favorite word in the whole English language. All they ask for is donations for which I’m happy to oblige.  I’d seen snippets of their classes before, and was curious but also super intimated. The classes are high energy, intense, full of trap music, and cussing which is my favorite!

Let me tell you, I literally look forward to doing these classes every day. Well five to six days a week. But that’s the thing, even at my most fit I was only working out maybe 3 times a week. I always rest on Sunday and sometimes skip Wednesday to focus on the blog. But the rest of those days, I’m getting paid! You’re probably like uh…what do you mean paid? They paid you to work out? I wish, but no it’s just a term the trainers at Effect use to signify putting in work and going hard! They are super consistent with everything. The cue song, days we use each type of equipment, when to switch legs, and they have a variety of sayings I love hearing.

Some of my favorites are:

“Good sh*t”

“Get paid” (obviously)

“Come on legs”

“Give me three of em”

“Weak a$$ hips”

“Throw it up”

Progress from Effect Fitness

Their energy is unmatched. I’m telling you, you won’t regret taking one class at this amazing gym. My progress has been amazing, and keep in mind I’ve been doing this all at home. I’m not sure what will happen beyond the pandemic. Because I love Effect so much, I will surely be keeping them in my routine.

Healthy Snacks and Meals

Throughout the rest of the day I incorporate healthy snacks and meals in between water, tea and shakes. My goal for the end of the current 21 day shake challenge I’m doing is to be under 200 pounds again so I’m limiting carbs. Should I have carbs it has to be whole wheat like the tortillas I used for Taco Tuesday.

I love snacks. Some of my favorites are cheese sticks, sea salt roasted almonds, greek yogurt, and apples and peanut butter.

Here are a few of my meals and snacks from this week.

Grilled chicken and broccoli

Nonfat Greek Yogurt

Taco Tuesday

Next Level

This is my first week of being really focused on nutrition in my fitness routine. Next week, I’m taking it to the next level and mastering 2 a day workouts. I need to add cardio back into my routine to reach my weight loss goal.

When finding your fitness routine, it’s important to find consistency first before adding new elements. Effect Fitness every day is like clock work now because I’ve been doing it for months. Sharing my journey here and on my Instagram is also helping me to do the same with my Herbalife nutrition routines.

Find what works for you. A routine that you look forward to every day and you’ll undoubtedly be on your way to attaining all your fitness goals.

Get paid y’all.


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