My Fitness and Weight Loss Journey

Sharing my fitness and weight loss journey has been a story I’ve needed to write about for quite some time. As a part of the Fitness Fanatic series, it’s important that I tell my story.

Fitness wasn’t ever really an important part of my life. I was on step team in high school, but that was as far as athleticism went in my adolescence. This continued into adulthood, until I found fitness and it helped me to deal with heartbreak. It was then that I became a fanatic, here’s how my story began.

Health over Heartbreak

Without going into the details, after several years I finally let go of a toxic “relationship”  in 2015. I was depressed and didn’t even know it. Eating out, not cooking, staying at home and to myself were just some of the ways I chose to cope with the end of the relationship. All of this led to noticeable weight gain. I was always a slim girl, so this weight gain stood out to family and my colleagues. One of my older colleagues even pointed it out to me, because you know old folks don’t care to filter their thoughts. So that made me take a look at myself, and I decided it was time to get serious.

Before 2015, I made several failed attempts at being fit. Trying a number of challenges, and never really giving my full effort. The picture below was from way back in 2013 where I tried to do a friend’s ab challenge. Never finished it.

2013 after joining one of many challenges

A year later, I did successfully do the Black Girls Workout Too DVD challenge with colleagues. It was also the year I started Herbalife products, which worked but I didn’t stick with it for long at all.

Then in 2015 that heartbreak and depression happened.  I had to snap out of it. So I made a decision to channel all those feelings into losing the weight I’d gained, which sparked a love of fitness.

Sweet Summer 16

2015 was the year it began but 2016 is the year that I fell in love with fitness. I began taking nutrition seriously and making fitness a regular part of my lifestyle. After all of those challenges over the years, I realized I just needed to prioritize fitness. Incorporated running and worked out after school, even got serious enough to make a playlist which you can find here. I bought more equipment, new clothes and put in work. I wanted to be fine for my Jamaica trip that summer because I was finally starting to get over the love I’d lost.

Team No Waist in 2016

2016 was the most fit and confident I’d been at that point. I was proud of myself for making fitness a part of my routine. Seeing my body change and being consistent felt good. In 2017, I stepped it up a notch.

Early Mornings and No Meat

A.M. workouts at Planet Fitness in 2017/2018

2017 was my dirty thirty year and stepped up by going vegan and doing a.m. workouts. Both are a big freaking deal because I love meat, and I hate getting up in the morning! I joined Planet Fitness this year and would get up at 5 a.m. to get my workout in before school. Being vegan didn’t last long though, and switched to being vegetarian for nearly a year. I was able to maintain the weight lost the year prior and I’d say this was the year fitness truly became a part of me. Even felt confident enough to share my journey on social media, and began inspiring others to lead a healthy lifestyle. This motivated me more. Life changes the following year, however had my mind focused on matters other than fitness.

Gained it Back and More

Fast forward to the end of the 2018 school year and I decided to move back to Ohio with my family. I started eating meat again (no pork or beef). Working out but not consistently. Being with my family and friends again was amazing, but I didn’t like my job. I started eating out a lot again and didn’t focus on nutrition at all.

September 2018 to March 2019 after keto

Then last year I met bae and admittedly, I was super busy having a blast with my best friend. Relationship weight is a real thing people. Before we got together, I gave keto a shot which you can read about here. It worked well, but wasn’t realistic for me to maintain. So once I stopped keto, started hanging out and eating out with bae all the time…I gained everything I lost back and then some.


Before the pandemic got serious and quarantine started I noticed many of my clothes no longer fit. I had completely stopped working out halfway through 2019. My focus was elsewhere. I had a new relationship, and was planning a move back to Atlanta among other things. Naturally, I gained weight. Knowing I’d be idle during quarantine, I knew I had to start working out again. I’ve started and stopped many times. This time was different, and so much harder. I’d gained over 30 pounds, on top of the weight I gained back after stopping keto. While I maintained my confidence (bae loves gassing me), I was physically uncomfortable. Basically, I’m fed up with my own self.

Incorporating Effect Fitness into my workouts

In March I began working out with Effect Fitness consistently. I felt myself getting strong again, having more energy and just feeling good! Nutrition wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t the best either. I worked up to doing the virtual classes 5 days a week, and increasing my water intake. I saw subtle changes, but I knew nutrition needed to take the forefront so I can see real change in my body.

Now it’s time to get serious. I’ve started back on Herbalife products, and want to move up to 2 a day workouts at least twice a week. Working my way back up to a gallon of water and healthy meals in between my Herbalife shakes. Coming up in the series, I’ll share my current fitness routine.

A Real Journey

My fitness and weight loss journey has not been linear. I’ve gained, lost, gained and lost oh and gained yet again. Starting over is harder each and every time. I had forgotten how good being fit feels. How proud I am when I push through workouts I don’t want to do, or make healthy choices. My body thanks me for being cognizant of what I put inside it to sustain. Even though I’m currently my heaviest weight, I am most excited to transform my body this time around. I’m 33 and my metabolism has slowed down some but I want to prove to myself that I can be just as fit if not more so than I was in my twenties.

I’ve learned what size makes me uncomfortable and what motivates me to keep going. No, my journey isn’t linear, but at this point I’m committed to upward movement.

Watch me rise.

Same bra, a little more weight


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