More About Me: 3 Proud Personality Traits

When I sat down and thought about the three things about my personality that I feel most proud, I thought about my own thoughts about myself as well as traits others have told me they admire about me. Most of these traits, I’ve always had and always known about myself but they didn’t shine through until  adulthood. To some standards, I could be considered a late bloomer. A controversial term to say the least because it implies there is a specific time for which one blooms or should bloom. Late bloomer to some, but right on time to me. I have many things to be proud of some I share in this post about me, but the traits I will discuss in this post are what makes me Denay. They are the parts of me that radiate, and don’t need to be said. These are the traits for which I am most proud.

Denay is Self-Aware

#3 Self Awareness

A few people in my life that have known me for most of it have praised me for being extremely self-aware. I feel like this is one of my strongest traits. Being a writer, I’ve always been in tune with my own perspective on things. It’s always been how I process things that happen to me, either good or bad. A lot of times people intertwine self-love, self-awareness, and self worth. While these ideas all relate, self-awareness is next level. It is the ability to recognize your own faults, understanding how you process life changes and trauma. Self-awareness is deep. One thing to understand about me is that I will analyze myself, my actions and thoughts ten times over before you do it. I own my flaws, even the ones others might judge me for. I am always aware and improving myself. In my birthday post, I shared 33 things I learned and intend to accomplish in the next year. Self-awareness is hard to master, and I’m still  working every day at it, but very proud of this trait.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Become More Self Aware

  1. What is holding me back in life right now?
  2. How do I typically respond when someone hurts me?
  3. What’s something you are good at and love doing?

#2 Humor

Denay is humorous

Listen, I have always been funny. I think I didn’t realize how funny I was until I really thought about every social circle I’m in, I’m always the one cracking jokes and making everyone laugh. Now sometimes, I’m actually being serious but just saying it in a hilarious way. Either way, I’m pretty effing funny man. When I left my last teaching position, I was given a memento that thanked me for finding the humor in any situation. People think I’m really funny, so now I know I’m really funny. This makes me proud because there’s nothing better than laughter. I find joy in making other people, smile and bend over with uncontrollable laughter at something I said. Most of the time, I do this without effort. I really am just naturally funny I guess. Ask anyone…my grandma, my dad, bae, my friends, my coworkers and even my students.

I can’t make a list of funny things….you just have to catch me in the moment. I’m a natural you dig.

#1 Confident

Denay is confident

This trait took the longest to build and recognize in myself. Confidence is more than appearance. Confidence kind of comes with self awareness. Once I became more self aware and comfortable with who I am, I became confident. Confident people radiate. I wasn’t confident in adolescence. People often told me I was pretty sure, but it wasn’t until my mid twenties that I truly felt confident. One of those post breakup situations. I had to pull myself out of the negative space of feeling like I wasn’t good enough for a man that didn’t even deserve the energy I gave…but I digress. It was during this time I started my fitness journey, traveling more and then my confidence began to build. The year I turned 30, it just seemed to grow even more. I had even gained back some of the weight I lost, but I didn’t lose my confidence. Gained even more weight after getting with bae and still haven’t lost my confidence.

My only tip for becoming confident goes back to being self aware…know who are, accept who are you unapologetically and bam…confidence level on 1,000.

Be Proud of Who You Are

Being proud means to feel deep satisfaction of one’s own achievements, accomplishments, possessions or qualities. Oftentimes we relate pride to the accomplishments of others, proud mother, proud wife, proud teacher etc. It is so important to be proud of yourself. Being proud shows strong self-worth, self- love and self awareness. Be proud of the parts of you that make you, you. Even the things that you wouldn’t consider pleasant or positive. They made you who are you. They could very well be the things about you that others admire. Own that….you should be proud of yourself.

What traits are you proud of? Share them loud and proud.


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