Meme Madness: The Glow Up

So for the second Meme Madness post I decided to go a different route. Initially I planned to share memes I thought were ridiculous, but after giving it more thought I’d like to share some that I think are bomb as well. Mix it up a bit.

The meme I’m sharing, I actually came across today and it resonated with the thoughts and feelings that have been dominating my mind as of late. This meme is all about the glow up.

What is a glow up though?

The glow up is all about growth. Things one does or experience that make them better. If you remember on instagram a while back it was primarily a vanity measure showing how one glowed up from adolescence. I mean me personally, I look the same (flips hair).  Granted I now understand the basics of makeup and have a grown woman’s body, but my true glow up has happened in other ways.

Let’s get into this meme.

This meme couldn’t be more real for my current reality. Lately, I’ve been focusing on my own personal development and have incorporated meditation, journaling, and listening to podcasts. These practices daily has helped me to envision my highest self. For years, I’ve wanted to be her but never did the work it took. Whenever I tried to envision my highest self, it was blurry. It was me looking at someone else’s life and wanting mine to be the same. This was all before I understood that my journey is mine. All before I realized that my highest doesn’t look like everyone else’s. Before I learned that making myself uncomfortable and doing everything that scared the s*t out of me is how I would become my highest self.I couldn’t see it clearly, so I didn’t do anything I needed to do.

Meditation and Journaling

When I tell you meditating and journaling is literally changing my life, I am so serious. Spending a few minutes each day working on me is so powerful. It allows me to look internally before I take my issues, concerns or feelings to others. As I discussed in my personality traits post, I have always been very self-aware but this is next level awareness. Meditation is hard for someone like me that’s always in their head. I found the perfect podcast that combines meditation and journaling. It’s called The Daily Shine. It’s literally like meditation for over-thinkers and beginners. I am obsessed!

From today’s IG story

Before meditating I open the window in my office, light a candle, play it from my Echo and do the work. The days I skip, I notice the difference in my productivity and my thoughts. Spending that time with myself, my thoughts, and writing them down gives me the time to get everything I’m thinking out the way so that I can focus on my goals. When I’m done I truly do feel like I’m glowing. Like this meme said the glow up is real. It couldn’t be more true. As I get better with meditation,  I’ll be sure to share and give my best tips.

The Real Glow Up

I love today’s meme madness meme. It’s the whole truth. The real glow up does happen when you integrate these practices in your life daily. If you don’t have a lot of time try The Daily Shine. The mediations are no longer than 10 minutes and even on occasion allow you to journal which is two birds, one stone ya know. Now that I am doing these things every day, I can finally see my highest self. I can see her smile. See how she interacts with others, loves those around her and is endlessly making an impact.

Memes like this are ridiculous too, but in a good way. Because they force you to look inward, and incorporate daily activities that bring out the best in you.

Stay tuned for the next one.


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