Meme Madness: Don’t Teach

For the meme madness series, we’re going to have a little fun and look at ridiculous memes. I love memes. I send them to everyone I know. Some of the most hearty of all chuckles I’ve ever have came from some memes. But let’s be real…a lot of them make you say girl whaaat?

These are the memes I want to talk about in the meme madness series. Memes are so interesting because they show all the different ways people think about life. I love reading the memes people post because in most cases they show what people believe and sometimes even what people are going through. Memes are primarily for entertainment but they really give a glimpse into people’s belief systems. Of course we all have differing opinions and that’s o.k. To each his own, but some of them are just ridiculous! Let’s get into today’s meme.

Every time I see this meme I laugh. Like what? I get the intention, but this has got to be one of the most misguided relationship memes I’ve seen. The intention was probably to suggest not teaching common decency and respect. Uh yeah….I agree we don’t do that! If you have started dating a human that can’t even display the most basic premises of respect then that’s a whole other situation.

However, men are not mind readers. If you are sitting back waiting for this man to buy you flowers, you might be waiting a while. You don’t necessarily have to teach, but you need to make it known what you like, and what you need.  If you want flowers…tell him! Every woman does not need or like the same things. Basic attentiveness like communicating regularly, spending time together and all that are givens. No…you shouldn’t have to teach that. But some women like flowers, others don’t. Some women prefer being showered with gifts, others are perfectly fine with a cozy night of Netflix. How in the hell is he supposed to know that if you don’t teach him?

We all have our own love languages. While I enjoy lavish gifts, a gift given from the heart and with thought is way more impactful to me. A man has to learn your love language. He will not come in knowing it and expecting that will lead to constant disappointment. He won’t know exactly what to do. Some things will be natural, but others come as you get to know each other and he “learns” what makes you smile. Now….if whatever amount of time passes that you deem appropriate and he’s had time to learn and still not doing right…that’s a different story.

To amend this meme I’d say don’t teach a man how to show you basic respect and honor. If he comes in disrespectful, chances are he will stay disrespectful and that leads to toxicity. Chances are if he stays disrespectful it doesn’t matter how much you try to teach him, he ain’t trying to learn and then you have decisions to make. If you teach him, and he still isn’t learning that’s also something to think about. Once he learns you, he won’t have to ask what you want….then he will know. Expecting a man to read your mind in my personal opinion is just unrealistic. Expecting him to show interest…yeah no don’t teach. Respect….issa no don’t teach that. If he’s willing to learn you….why not teach him?

What do y’all think about this meme? Let’s chat about it further.


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