How A Vision Board Party Can Inspire You to Plan Your Best Year Yet

The start of a new year may bring words like: resolution, fresh start, goals, and of course vision to mind. 2018 was a critical year for me. I realized and learned so much about myself, and made decisions that will forever impact my life. With the new year approaching and having decided that starting a blog was one of my biggest visions for 2019, I decided to finally do a vision board. For years, I planned to make one and it just never happened. But now that my vision is clear, it was soooo easy to format a vision and a physical representation of that vision with my board. My best friend, Nesha said she would throw a vision board party and my response was immediately “Yassss!”

I didn’t just want to create a board but the thought of creating my board surrounded by other women with big goals and aspirations was so exciting to me. Never have I ever been more thrilled to cut out some magazine pictures and post them on poster board. I mean this was my first vision board party, I couldn’t wait to put my vision on paper, but also see what the other ladies would create.

Let me tell y’all…the party was worth the three and a half hour drive from Northeast Ohio to Cincinnati. My bestie laid everything out for us. We spent the early afternoon getting things ready for the party but she had already had things set up. Boards, scissors, magazines, poster, construction paper you name it! 

Vision Board Party essentials

Once the ladies arrived and the wine started flowing, jewels were dropped all around the table. Keep in mind, prior to this gathering, I only knew my bestie and one other person. We started the party sharing our passions, and biggest lessons from the year. This ice breaker led to some of the most profound discussions I’ve ever had about life spanning a number of topics. I mean we talked business goals, dating, life changes, motherhood, sex…..every (claps hands) thing! One of the best jewels we all gathered from this party came from a wonderful lady well versed in the spiritual arts. She shared some of her current story but one thing that came out of her mouth that we all related to, truly bonded the attendees of this party. After sharing, hearing the stories of others she said…..{skip ahead if you feel a way about profanity because the effect just don’t feel the same without this word lol}.  “Never forget who the f*ck you are”. We all let out a resounding “WOOOOOOOW” in true Flavor Flav fashion. Harsh to some, but the ladies at this party all seemed to have a story of a time we forgot ourselves, and that leads me to how this vision board party has set me up for my best year yet.

The camaraderie alone was enough to make the trip and the party itself worthwhile. But that quote, she has no idea how much it inspired me. So much that, it even made me really take my time on my vision board. It was not complete at the party. At the end of the party, my board looked like this…

A vision becoming clearer but still a little foggy. I decided I would finish gluing in the morning and I needed to add personal touches….you know ones that tell you exactly who I am. I wanted my vision board to clearly reflect my vision to myself and to others. And so that Sunday night, I did not sleep until my board was finished. I was on a mission and determined to make my 2019 crystal clear. After printing and adding my personal and specific visions for the year, my board now looks like this…

Now hanging on the wall in my bedroom, it is the first thing I see when I wake up. It includes a picture of me at my most fit, as one of my visions for this year is to outdo my 2016 body. I have my VIPKID teacher logo as I plan to grow that business as well as my brand new blog Denay Drops Jewels. I have pictures of the places I plan to travel, a picture of a home in the place where I want to become a homeowner and an instagram IG twitter repost that motivated me to remember my financial goals. THIS IS MY VISION. 

So if you haven’t already created a vision board please understand, it’s NOT too late. Go get a dollar tree poster board, grandmas old magazines, scissors glue and get it done sis. If you have one and didn’t add something personal, find some space. Make it real for you. Below are some quick tips I have to get you started on making a vision board that will inspire you to have your best year yet.

My Tips for a Vision Board that is truly Visionary

  • Add actual goals, not things you “hope” will happen. We all would like a million dollars by the end of 2019 but chances are if you aren’t already making six figures that goal just isn’t realistic. While you can include things you would like to happen, be grounded in a true vision for things you can and will accomplish at year’s end.
  • Add personal pictures, or something meaningful to you. I felt that my vision for this year was complete when I added a picture of my most fit self, my blog logo, a couple I admire, and places I plan to travel. These personal touches made my vision board super personal to things I want to accomplish and attract in my life this year.
  • Organize your board into categories. On my board you can clearly see I have a blog/business section, a health and fitness section, a section for love, travel and things I want to do this year. The organization is visually appealing and makes it easier to scan your board for visions that came true.

If you follow these tips, I promise your board will motivate you like my board motivates me. One more thing, hang your board in place your eye is attracted to upon waking. It will help you start each day thinking about your goals.

And so loves, my very first jewel is…

Check out some more pictures from our amazing vision board party. Let me know about your board or your goals in the comments. 



  1. LaVaciette Davis
    01/19/2019 / 2:55 am

    YYYYYYYYAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! I might be crying just a bit….

  2. Stephanie Minor
    01/19/2019 / 11:43 am

    I love the first post and jewel! Congratulations ❤

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