Consistency Taught Me: 3 Challenge Lessons

The last day of Mattie James’ consistency challenge is here, and being consistent has taught me a number of valuable lessons. I knew committing to blogging every day was a big challenge. Especially considering I was also doing my shake challenge simultaneously. I was determined to get more content posted so I went for it! Unfortunately, I did not blog every day. I’m disappointed but not really because what  gained still was incredibly valuable. I still accomplished things with DDJ that I hadn’t since its inception. The challenge taught me so much about myself as a writer, what I can handle regarding balancing my businesses and how I’d like to proceed going forward.

These are the 3 lessons the consistency challenge taught me.

I am Capable

Participating in this challenge showed me that I am capable of producing great content. When I sat down and planned the weeks of challenge posts, I felt invigorated. It was like the spark I needed to get me going. I’ve written out content calendars before, and guess what never executed it. Why? Because I was trying to do it alone. Like I stated in the first post about why I did the challenge, it was the community that truly inspired me to go for this challenge. Before we began, other amazing bloggers shared their ideas, which in turn gave me an idea for the route I wanted to take. Once that happened it was like the ideas for each week flowed out of me. Something I struggled with in the past.

I neglected my little blog for quite some time because I didn’t know what to write about. Now granted, I have to redo the side hustle series because that was the week I fell off. The ideas are there just have to write them. The consistency challenge taught me that I am capable of great posts. It gave me the confidence to just write, and grow as I go.

Writing Every Day is Hard

Yes I am a writer. I have always loved it and it has always been my go to, but being honest writing every day is hard. I am a creative. Sometimes my mind isn’t always in the space to write which is why I fell off. No excuse…I simply just didn’t feel like it somedays. During the challenge, even though I wanted to and of course had some feelings of defeat for missing some posts I decided to take this as a lesson.

Lately, I’ve spent more time personally developing and I’m more self aware. One thing I have noticed is that I just might be over extended and need to prioritize. I quite literally have 4 side hustles, a blog oh and I teach 7 year old for a living. Writing every day was hard in July when only my side hustles were getting my attention, now that school is back in hard will upgrade to nearly impossible!  So now it’s time for me to implement the last lesson I learned from the challenge….batch.

Plan, Execute and Batch

Batching is a skill and strategy I’ve seen many bloggers use in order to pump out great content for their blogs. I didn’t think I’d be capable of writing multiple posts, but now that I know writing every day isn’t feasible, I need to try this way. For those that don’t know batching means writing more than one post at a time. Batching now makes perfect sense. My juices aren’t always flowing and guess what happens…nothing gets written. Capitalizing when they are flowing is vital. Even if I just plan out the post, choose the headlines, pins and stock photos I have to learn to batch.

Based on my schedule, and other priorities right now my plan is to have 2-3 blog posts every week. I’ve chosen Sundays and Wednesdays as my consistent days for live blog posts. Every now and then when those juices are flowing you may get a Friday post.

Because of this consistency challenge I now see the value in batching posts. I can’t wait to start for August considering it’s my busiest time of the year with back to school. My goal is to find a workable schedule where all of my passions get adequate time and quality effort. Balancing teaching, blogging and my Herbalife business, will seem like a formidable task without integrating this strategy.

I’m excited to take what I’ve learned this month about consistency and applying it to everything I do.



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