Black Bloggers Matter: 16 Black Stories Round Up Post

I am so excited to host my first round up featuring a host of talented black bloggers. In this round up you will read about the thoughts, feelings, and even some of the experiences of bloggers in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. So many posts were popping up regarding the critical movement and time in our history, I felt it only right to gather some all together. Without further ado let’s get into the posts.

1. Celebrate Juneteenth: A Day to Pause and Reflect

Pat Pontificates

In this article Pat describes some ways we can celebrate Juneteenth as well as some great reads one can use educate themselves on the movement.

2. Reflection: An island girl’s look back at racism

Nadine takes into her life as an island girl from Aruba and her experiences there and here in America.

3. Making Space to TalkAbout Race

Marissa Teachable Moments

Marissa a blogger and former teacher dives into how teachers like myself can discuss race in the classroom.

4. Dear America, We’re Tired

Hometown Girl N Curls

Yalana details to emotional rollercoaster that is witnessing police brutality as well as why we’re so frustrated.

5. When should you talk to your children about racism?

Tiffany does it all

Tiffany contemplates when is the best time and age for parents to begin discussing racism with their own children.

6. My Voice

Tyler lends her voice and thoughts on police brutality.

7. I Had and Phonebook and He Had a Shot Gun

Melissa Rivers

Melissa begins her article with powerful personal story and tells us ways to initiate change.

8. Pulling the Linchpin: Dismantling Unjust Power

Mack the Maverick

Chaffron a.k.a Mack the Maverick explains that the real pandemic we face is racial injustice.

9. Anti- Racist Books I’ve Read, Reading and Want to Read

Kandace with a K

Kandace provides us with a great list of reads for those wanting to educate themselves more on the injutices of Black People and racism in America.

10. Racism and Black Fatigue is Real

Tinuke Bernard

Tinuke tells us straight up…we tired.

11. Humanity: No Justice No Peace

Butterfly lifestyle

Mika provides some links and resources related to demands for end of systemic racism.

12.How to Support the Black Community

Kita the explorer

Kita gives five ways allies can support the black community.

13. Black Utopia

Black History Journey

Tamekia at Black History Journey imagines the black utopia; a place that is ours.

14. Walking Away from Racism: 3 tips to teach kids about race and diversity

Anew Mommyism

Charity breaks down 3 tips for having discussions with children about racism.

15. Change the Narrative


Jamie gives a riveting recount of recent events.

16. Black with a Capital B

Denay Drops Jewels

Finally, I give my thoughts and feelings on the state of things.

I truly hope you enjoy reading these amazing bloggers stories and thoughts as much as I enjoyed rounding them up. Happy Juneteenth!



  1. 06/19/2020 / 2:57 pm

    Thank you so much for including me on this! This came out so lovely. Can’t wait to take a look at everyone’s stories.

  2. 06/19/2020 / 9:27 pm

    This is really, really awesome. I look forward to reading everyone’s expressions on this timely topic.

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