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About Denay

Hey Gorgeous! I’m Denay, the author of Denay Drops Jewels.

In November of 2018 I made a decision to start this blog with one goal in mind….to write. I have always been a writer. Writing is how I express myself best and I love to share what I’m thinking, feeling and planning in written word. For the last ten years of my life I focused on my other passion, teaching. I am currently a second grade English Language Arts Teacher in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

For quite some time I thought you only had one calling. As a result, I would abandon one calling for the other. I focused on teaching and completely put my writing dreams aside. When I attended Kent State University, I was actually an English major first. Ask anyone that knew me growing up, I said I wanted to be a writer. Then, while folding jeans at my part time Old Navy job someone said to me I’d be a great teacher. I fought becoming a teacher with as much conviction as I had for writing. Thinking more I said to myself…I don’t need a degree to write. Consequently, I received my bachelor’s degree and teaching became my prime passion.

Fast forward to now, I understand that one can be multi-passionate. It’s totally o.k. to have multiple passions and pursue them all. So here I am still teaching and now writing through Denay Drops Jewels. While the jewels dropped here are my thoughts, my passions, my ideas my hope is that they will inspire more multi-passionate queens to go after whatever their heart desires. Seek all your passions in this beautiful life we live.



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