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Hey Gorgeous! I’m Denay, the author of Denay Drops Jewels.

A little about me. I grew up in a small town suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. I attended Kent State University and have my bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education. I currently teach third grade in Cleveland, Ohio. I just recently returned to Ohio after living in Atlanta for eight years.

This is not my first time blogging. I had a teacher blog but didn’t like being limited to only sharing teaching ideas. Denay Drops Jewels was created out of a need to fulfill my desire to write again. Before teaching writing was my passion. I write about everything I love, everything that inspires me, and I drop jewels for the millenial woman out here just trying to make it.  I am here to drop jewels about all facets of life that impact women including but not limited to fitness and health, getting your coins right and just plain FUN!

Welcome to Denay Drops Jewels!

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