5 Tips to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey

In the last post of the Fitness Fanatic series, I am sharing 5 Tips to Stay Motivated on Your Fitness Journey. As I shared in the previous post, my journey hasn’t been linear. Much of that had to do with distractions but, it also had to do with a lack of motivation. There were many of the things that motivated me that I abandoned over time, and then of course I simply fell all the way off. Now that I’ve restarted, I brought back some of my favorite motivation hacks to stay the course on my fitness journey. Many of these tips, I use to simply motivate me daily to get my workout in. My hope, is that you choose a tip, try it and see if it helps you to do the same. Let’s start with an easy to implement right now tip!

Tip #1: A Bomb Playlist

I can’t stress how important music is to me to keep me motivated. Music is everything to me in general, but it is essential to my workout. Whether I am going for an outdoor run, or hitting the hellmaster (a.k.a. stair master) at the gym, my bomb playlist is a NEED. I have even left the gym because I forgot my headphones, it’s that important to me. Some songs push me to pick up or slow down my pace, and others are perfect for lifting or squats. A tip for this tip, make sure you have a variety of songs with different tempos.

Playlist Essentials

Go through your song library and make a playlist just for working out. Add the songs that make you dance. High energy songs,mid tempo and slow songs for breaks or targeted exercises are all needed to have a bomb workout playlist. If you need some ideas, check my out playlist post here.

Tip #2: Snap, snap, snap

Take progress pictures

I swear by progress pictures. At this point in time I need to either buy more storage or delete pictures  because a billion of them are pictures of my fitness journey. Having these pictures available made recalling my fitness journey that much easier. I can even remember where I was and how I was feeling in my journey because of all of these pictures.

Now you don’t need to take pictures every day like I do, but I also find that is holds me accountable as well. Comparing my progress pictures over time is super motivating. Sometimes along your journey you want to give up or you actually give up and having pictures of your progress can help get you back on track. Another great benefit of having so many pictures of my progress is because it forces me to notice all the victories that have nothing to do with the scale.

Tip #3: Celebrate every Small Victory

I’m always motivated and I always want to workout and believe I can do it. Baaaaaabbyyy

I don’t always stay motivated. You will get discouraged on your journey, especially if you pay attention to the scale. I’m here to tell you that sometimes the scale is a liar too. This is where those progress pictures come in handy. Take time to notice small victories. From the progress pictures above I saw a clear difference between my abs and arms. When I do my workouts with Effect Fitness, I’ve started taking videos and recently posted a video of how much I have progressed doing one of my favorite routines. Those small victories will motivate you to keep going, so you can see more change in your body and in your energy. Take time to notice them, and celebrate each and every one.

Tip #4: Make Visuals of Your Fitness Motivation

Find a picture of your body goals

Body Goals

We all have someone that is our body goals. Ashanti is mine. I love her shape and her confidence. Sometimes we choose body goals that aren’t realistic. With consistency and hard work, I can get attain her body shape. Naturally, I am slim but you know thick. Slim thick we call it. I printed out a few pictures from her Instagram and hung them on my bathroom mirror. Every morning, I’d see these pictures and constantly be reminded of my body goals.

When I moved, I never put the visual back up and guess what that’s when I stopped working out.

Last year, I put a picture of her and myself on my vision board.  As you can see, the picture of me is larger. I’ve become my own body goals. I was able to attain a shape I was really proud of, so I use it to motivate me to stay on course this time around.

My own body goals

This year I did a digital vision board. It has already been a game-changer. Every time I unlock my phone my goals are in my face. If that’s not constant motivation….I wouldn’t know what is then.

Tip #5: Find a Routine You Love

Fitness Routine

Let’s be real most people don’t work out because at first it really isn’t enjoyable. I can attest to that. In the beginning, I hated it. Hated feeling out of breath, and sweating and my body being sore afterwards. Then a shift happened. Over the years I developed consistent routines that I started to love and looked forward to doing each day.Right now, I am loving doing Effect Fitness classes at noon during the week and at 10 a.m. on Saturdays. These classes combine all my favorite things high energy, dance, trap music and cussing. The trainers energy level is on 1,000 plus one and then more! Talk about motivating. They are forcing me to lift my leg higher and they can’t even see me. I absolutely love it!


Courtesy of Effect

It’s gotten to the point where I feel a certain type of way when I skip a class, even if for a good reason. At first, I was doing the classes 6 days a week, but now I take Wednesdays off to focus on DDJ. Good reason, but in the back of my mind I’m thinking about Effect. That’s priceless motivation.

This might be the most important of all the tips in this post. A routine you love means intrinsic motivation. When it comes from you, you are that much more likely to give it your all.

So on your fitness journey there are five easy things you can do to stay motivated. Curate a bomb playlist. Take progress pictures and post them as visual reminders.  Celebrate even the small wins and find a routine you love.

Each of these will ensure you stay motivated on your fitness journey.

Fitness Fanatic Wrap Up

This is the last post of the fitness fanatic series as a part of the July consistency challenge. Some days were harder than others but I feel accomplished. I actually wrote 5 blog posts in one week. You have no idea how BIG that is to have done. I’m celebrating! Check out all the posts in the series and from this week!

Next up…let’s get personal.


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