3 Fabulous Black Owned Fitness Brands

In the first post of the Fitness Fanatic series, I am sharing 3 fabulous black owned fitness brands. The Fitness Fanatic series in the first of the consistency challenge for July. All three of these brands are owned by black women and they’re killing it! Check out their sites and support if you are looking to add some great fitness finds to your collection. Let’s begin.

1. FBF Body

The story behind this brand is remarkable. Owner Zakia Blain, is a former teacher and started her brand after becoming extremely ill. She offers a variety of fitness gear and accessories but it’s the shapewear that she offers that everyone absolutely loves. Personally, after hearing her story and seeing her personality shine through her social media channels, I felt compelled to her support her brand. I love the Fck being fat brand and you will love it too!

Instagram: @fbfbody

2. Ka’oir Fitness

Keyshia Ka’oir, wife of Gucci Mane has created multiple successful brands including a cosmetics line. For years, I saw her fitness belt circulate around social media and was always curious about her waist eraser. As I restarted my fitness journey quarantine, I needed a new belt. In the past, I purchased from a larger brand. I have been very intentional about supporting black brands, and purchasing the waist eraser was a game changer. Within a weeks time, I was able to overlap the bands of. my waist belt. It’s high quality, and fun to track your progress. She also has detox teas, thigh erasers and body burner cream. Get a waist eraser..now!

Instagram: @kaoirfitness

3. Be Body Goals

Be Body Goals is a newer brand I found on Instagram via my favorite gym Effect Fitness. I saw some of the people in classes wearing the brand so I decided to check it out. The collection has matching legging and short sets that look great, especially on fit girls with some curves. The name does it for me. I am always saying I’m my own body goals, so naturally I am all about this brand! I’m literally about to check out after I finish this post.


Make sure you support these fabulous black owned brands! Until next time.


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