20 Things About Me

I really debated on whether or not to do one of these types of posts. I mean I’m here to drop jewels right…who gives a flying flip that my favorite color is purple or whatever?! But then I remembered how much I enjoy these types of posts from other bloggers and want my readers to get to know me too! So without further ado…….

1. I am an elementary educator. I have been teaching for eight years. I have taught grades 1, 2, and 3. I am currently teaching third grade in Cleveland, Ohio. My specialty is reading. I love teaching the babies to love reading!

2. The first time I ever got on a plane I was traveling to Rome. I spent two weeks in Florence for a study abroad class in college. I also celebrated my 20th birthday there….21 failed in comparison after that trip.

3. I tried to go vegan in 2017 after watching What the Health. I noticed how my body reacted to meat and decided to try it. I lasted nearly a year, but I am just too picky. Most of the veggies that are used as a substitute…I detest so brought back chicken and fish. I still don’t eat beef or pork and don’t plan on adding them back to my diet.

4. My first name combines my grandmother’s names. Delores nicknamed “Dee” and Naomi nicknamed “Nay” makes my name! I also have these queens names tattooed on my leg.

5. I became a dog mom to my sweet little Giselle six years ago. She’s a chihuahua and yorkie mix. She’s the sweetest thing ever and is great company. She is named after the greatest female entertainer of this generation which leads to me fact 6.

6. I am a huge fan of Beyonce “Giselle” Knowles Carter. Listen before y’all say anything I am not apart of the Beyhive. Nope. Been down since “No, No, No Part 1” mmmmk?1 I was 11 years old the first time I ever saw Beyonce perform. Those Beyhive fools just got hip to Bey. They ain’t real. I been on!

7.  I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Raised in a small suburb called Twinsburg. Very small town. Everybody knows everybody and everybody had the same boyfriends. lol. I love my little small town and still roll in the same circle of friends from my town. I moved to Atlanta when I was 23. Moved back home last summer with plans to return to Atlanta this summer.

8. For as long as I can remember I wanted to be a writer. In fact, my original major was English when I went to college because I said I am going to write. Then I realized I didn’t need a degree to write. As a child I wrote stories, poems, and plays and even acted them out for my parents. I always had a notebook and still do. Several. I lost sight of that passion for some time but blogging has reignited the fire.

9. I loved writing so much that in middle school I was on the competitive writing team. It was called Power of the Pen. Lol. I loved it so much! Nerd central y’all. I still have my competition shirt and wear it to bed although the “Nay Nay” on the back is incredibly faded. It brings back good memories.

10. I’m also a technology nerd. I loooove technology (in Kip from Napoleon Dynamite’s voice)! I always need the latest upgraded phone, laptop or whatever. Technology is a big part of my classroom. Incorporating it into learning is literally my favorite. Joy!

11. My big beauty must have is a bomb set of nails. I have been wearing acrylic nails since I was 16. Whenever God calls me home my people better bury me with a fresh set. I don’t feel complete without my nails done. I’ve tried all kinds of designs, lengths and shapes. I love getting my nails done.

12. Also when it comes to beauty I cannot do hair. Like can’t braid. I can just barely throw some curls and get my edges slicked down enough to look decent. I require a professional. Even though my mother was a hair stylist, I just never quite mastered the flick of the wrist.

13. Music brings me absolute peace and joy. You know those weird what couldn’t you live on an island without questions people ask…..well for me music would have to be somewhere in that equation. I watch more TV than I’d like to admit but if you made me choose…..it’s music all day. I could go on and on. Just a few artists I love, and that I will not tolerate any slander on: Beyonce, Chris Brown, Kanye West, Jhene Aiko, H.E.R., J. Cole and Drake.

14. My pick me up song when I’m sad or in my feelings is “W.A.Y.S.” by Jhene Aiko. One of my favorite songs to work out to is “Move that Dope” by Future (the beat lends itself to all types of exercise). My favorite throw it in a circle song is “Bring it Back” by Travis Porter. My favorite turn up no matter where I am, what I’m doing, or who I’m with “Wipe Me Down”.

15. I can watch “Kill Bill” repeatedly.  Like watch it and then watch it again. In fact, most Tarantino movies. I particularly enjoy the music in Vol. 1. Inglourious Basterds is another Tarantino fav.

16. Like many teachers I have a coffee addiction. I started drinking coffee when I was like 8 years old. I should probably be taller…I think my addiction stunted my growth. But it’s weird….I only require it during the school year. In the summer, maybe on Sundays. But now that I teach with VIPKID…it’s coffee all year round.

17. My fitness journey truly began in 2015 after a hard breakup. Gained a ton of weight. So much that people started to notice. I had lost a bit of weight the year before but then stopped working out. 2016 I was the most fit I’d ever been. Finally got happy in my singleness and gained the weight back. Started again in 2017. I plan to share more about this journey but I am looking forward to my 2019 journey. Smashing all the goals.

18. I am the side hustle queen. I started working when I was 15 and I can only remember one short summer when I wasn’t working. One of my favorite side hustles I ever did was bartending. I worked at a night club in Norcross, GA and used to have the time of my life. I also love my current side hustle VIPKID. I’ve also done Uber Eats, and Lyft. Sis, I get to the money.

19. I didn’t get my first tattoo until I was 29 years old. I have a matching tattoo with my best friend. My other tattoo I mentioned earlier. What they say is true….once you start you keep going. I am considering getting just a few more but no plans on getting whole sleeves or anything like that. The one I am considering leads me to my final fact.

20. I am a true Gemini. Some might not believe in the zodiac and that’s cool. Some people use it as a excuse to be jerks but me….I look at the traits of a Gemini and mannnn they are me all the way…the good, bad and ugly. I definitely have two sides. I am grounded more in logical and intellect than emotions. I get bored easily. My mood changes instantly. All that. I know what y’all thinking? So you crazy….nope. I look at mood changes like this….yes I may go from 0 to 100 real quick but that also means I don’t stay mad look unless you reallllllly ticked me off. Geminis are versatile, playful and just plain fun to be around. Get you one!

So that’s it! Humans are egotistical by nature so I could truly going on about myself but I said 20 facts…so 20. I hope that gave you a bit of a glimpse of who Denay is. Maybe you found a little jewel or two in there while learning a bit more about me. More posts coming soon! Stay tuned, Jewels!


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